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Free List of Bank Foreclosures and Short Sales

We are here to educate and mentor. At our Meetup's you will meet those professionals who can help you become more successful as investors: Property managers, Realtors, attorneys, insurance agents, lenders, certified public accountants, contractors, photographers, marketing experts,color experts, interior designers, and home staging, just to name a few.

There is never a fee and refreshments are always provided.

Our team has over six decades of experience in all aspects of investing, including flips, buy and hold, seller financing, retail sales, commercial investments, tax sales, foreclosures, and more.

If you have questions we can't answer, we'll find an expert who can.

Distress Sales and Bank Foreclosures

Distress Sales and Bank Foreclosures

There are many great ways to find foreclosures, short sales, sheriffs’ sales, estate sales and properties that are conventional sellers but the homes need a little work. The homes that you can usually get the best deal on our either ones that need a little or a lot of work. Or the situation of the seller is in such a way that they are open to lower offers or in need of a quick sale. The best scenario is to find a motivated seller weather it’s a bank or an estate and that same seller has a home that needs a little work. Let our years of experience help you find that next awesome home or investment. Receive a free list from us with no strings attached and no obligation and remember we are here to help.

Your Personal Home or Investment

Your Personal Home or Investment

Details like area price range are you pre approved or do you have cash. Cash is always a point of leverage in your favor but some of us don’t have the capital but there are ways to find that capital via some creative lending opportunities or conventional bank financing.

Distress Sales resulting from bank foreclosures often represent a great way to get a fantastic deal on a home. It's not easy for the average homeowner to find these deals, because you have to keep scouring the paper to see when one comes up.

Free List of Bank Foreclosures and Short Sales

If you're the type of person who recognizes what a great deal some of these properties could represent, you will be interested to know about a new free computerized service which automatically searches out and downloads a current list of all such properties day in and day out. When you receive this free, no obligation service, you're automatically plugged in to the most current list of Foreclosure Properties on the market, in the price range and area that interests you.

This FREE service every week will save you a lot of research and running around.

Here's how it works. Every week, you will receive a FREE computerized report listing the current Foreclosure properties in your desired price range and location. There is no cost for this information, and absolutely no obligation. This insider information, sent to you in an incredibly simple and efficient format, will give you a huge advantage over other buyers in the marketplace.

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