Why work with The Alex Deacon Team?

What do our clients think about us?
  • More than six decades of combined team experience
  • Combined sales over 1,100 in 20 years
    • The average agent works by themselves or is inexperienced
    • The average agent is in and out of the business in less than 5 years
    • The average agent according to national statistics sells less than 8 homes a year
  • Our team concept allows us to do a large volume of business, keeps our finger on the pulse of the market by doing such volume, giving our clients outstanding service because everyone on the team has a certain skill set and experience level and we all work together to give you the best of each of our individual skills.
  • Unique programs like our Guaranteed home sale or commission free program just as one example.
  • We can cover a large area being a team verses one agent.
  • Huge personal data base of past, present and potential clients that we will expose your home.

Our Team

Alex Deacon

Alex DeaconAlex has been a licensed agent for 19 + years, and is an associate broker for Deacon Hoover.

Owner of Mace Property Management for more than a dozen years, managing nearly 700 properties in the Metro Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. The robust staff includes 5 property managers, a dedicated repair coordinator, and two front of the house administrative assistants, plus three leasing agents.

Consistently in the top 1% of sales nationwide ( over 1 million agents ) Alex has sold over 1000 homes, and his team is on track to sell 16 M in volume this year alone.

As an investor, Alex manages between 4 and 8 renovation projects each month. While some projects are sold on the retail market, a large portion are subsequently rented and then sold to investors, for a true " turn key " addition to their buy - and - hold portfolio.

To provide education and networking to all those interested in real estate, Alex initiated a Meetup group providing support and information to all ( at no cost ). On the horizon is a customized one-on-one mentorship program, offering guaranteed returns.

Alex and his wife have three amazing daughters, and reside in the South Hills.

Exceptional Service

At the Alex Deacon Team, our Realtors understand that you are the most important piece of the real estate puzzle.

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