Let our team hand you the keys to a new life

Let our team hand you the keys to a new lifeBuying a home is a big decision and one that takes patience. At The Alex Deacon Team, our family-owned business believes that there is a perfect home out there for everyone. Our team is the premier realtor team serving Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas. Buying a home can be stressful, but with the honest, reliable staff at The Alex Deacon Team, you'll be in your dream home faster than you think. Get started today!

How can I afford this property?

How can I afford this property?The Alex Deacon Team always has your best interest at heart. Let us guide you on the pre-approval process, so you know from the start what your budget is.

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If you're ready for homeownership, our team is ready to find your dream home. With thousands of homes to choose from, you're in the perfect position to get exactly what you want out of a property.

Get in touch with The Alex Deacon Team today and start your search for the perfect home.

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